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I am Sadie M. Campbell, and I am elated to be the Educator Prep instructor this school year. I am a proud graduate of Rust College in Holly Springs, MS with a Bachelor of Arts in English/Reading. I have served over 20 years as an educator with Memphis-Shelby County Schools District in Memphis, TN. Teaching has always been a unique passion for me because I enjoy inspiring students and awakening their desire to learn, succeed, and excel. Educator Prep students will embark on an exhilarate education filled with fun, rigor and many growth opportunities that will prepare them for a rewarding career in an educating setting. I have two wonderful children Jarvis and Shayla and four grandchildren. Lily, Jarius, Chloe and Jameah. I look forward to a productive school year!


“I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou








Teacher Academy


Teacher Academy I Syllabus


                                   Leonard Ruck                                                                                                                                                                           Ms. Brown

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Teacher Academy I course includes classroom and hands-on experiences that will help students determine if a career in education is right for them. The course focuses on learning leadership skills, collaboration skills, communication skills, and other soft skills that are desired by employers in all professions. The class provides multiple opportunities for students to showcase their creativity and to show their learning in ways other than traditional tests.


OBJECTIVES: As a result of this course, you will be able to:


  • Analyze the importance of using technology appropriately in schools
  • Advocate and practice safe, legal and responsible use of technology, including giving proper attribution for images created by others and following the guidelines for Creative Commons licenses
  • Explore career opportunities in education
  • Recognize and list the qualities of effective teachers
  • Exhibit collaboration and team building among classmates
  • Practice various ways to communicate effectively
  • Discuss developmental theories related to human growth and development
  • Recognize cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development characteristics of learners birth to adolescence
  • Understand historical events that have influenced educational reform in America
  • Examine current trends and issues that affect the future of education
  • Identify and discuss classroom management styles and strategies
  • Participate in weekly field experiences/observations at Petal Elementary School
  • Complete tasks including filing, monitoring students, creating bulletin boards, tutoring, and other tasks as determined by the supervising teacher and Teacher Academy instructor
  • Observe and record supervising teacher’s actions, students’ progress and classroom procedures during field experience (these include 3rd grade ELA and math classrooms)






  • 3-ring binder (this must not be used for any other subjects)
  • 8 Tab dividers
  • Notebook paper
  • Pack of index cards
  • Colored pencils and/or markers
  • 1box of Kleenex
  • 1 roll of paper towels
  • $25 course fee – this covers the cost of your Teacher Academy t-shirt and your state Educators Rising dues.



FIELD EXPERIENCE ATTENDANCE: You are allowed to miss a maximum of two (2) field experiences during the year. 2 absences will be excused. Every subsequent absence will take 3 points off of this grade. If there are extenuating circumstances pertaining to more absences, you and your parent may schedule a meeting with me and the CTE principal, Ms. Brown. The student must communicate with the instructor and the supervising teacher regarding the absence via email; this must be done before a field experience is missed. Failure to notify the supervising teacher and Mr. Ruckl will result in a grade of zero for that day’s observation.


COMMUNICATION: This class communicates via Google classroom, school email, and Canvas. Participation in class discussions is required and count toward your grade.




PBIS and Behavioral Expectations


EXPECTATIONS: Be positive, proactive, professional, punctual & polite. Students are expected to refrain from posting any negative comments on social media or sharing specific or negative comments or opinions with others about what they see or experience while on field trips or in classrooms; this is part of professional behavior. The confidentiality agreement signed by student and parent is strictly enforced.


Year I students will wear their Teacher Academy shirt and uniform pants while working in the schools. This is a requirement and part of professional behavior. Students will observe at the Primary School one day a week during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th nine weeks.





The following is a not an all-inclusive list of the assignments for Teacher Academy I that will be graded. They are posted here to provide a general idea of the types of work you will do in the course. Assignments will be given in class and posted to Google classroom (if electronic submission is required). Rubrics will be provided for assignments and much of our class time is devoted to working on these assignments individually and in small groups. However, there are assignments that will require some work at home. Tests and quizzes are reviewed for in class, but students are expected to study on their own as well.


Personal portfolio (binder) and online

Safety test

Qualities of an Effective Teacher project

Classroom design diorama or CAD design

Lesson plan design including bulletin board

Unit tests (5 units total)

Vocabulary tests (11 book chapters covered)

Field Experience reflections

Class participation and PBIS scores

9 Weeks’ Exams and Semester exams


Multiple presentations- including Safety Presentation, Copyright and Fair Use presentation, Career in education research & presentation, Developmental theorist research & presentation, Educational reform or event research & presentation, Autism Awareness class project


 Confidentiality Agreement


This form is to be completed prior to participating in the Teacher Academy Clinical/Classroom Observation program.

I agree that all information (i.e. teacher, student, and/or school information) discussed pertaining to the field experience/classroom observation will be held in strict confidence. I will not contact anyone outside of Teacher Academy or the host school about information obtained during field experiences/classroom observations. I will not post any confidential information to any social media sites.



 Please return this portion of the syllabus to Mr. Ruck_


I have received the course syllabus for Teacher Academy I and understand the requirements and expectations associated with taking this course, including the Confidentiality Agreement.


I give permission for pictures to be used on School District websites.     Yes     No


T-shirt Size (circle one): S   M   L   XL



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