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Leonard Ruck
Leonard Ruck

Leonard Ruck

email: lruck@hssd.k12.ms.us

contact: 731-518-7962

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 Welcome to the Teacher Academy

My name is Leonard Ruck, I am your instructor. I earned my Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Memphis in 1983. I taught 6th grade for several years in South Memphis at Norris Rd Elementary School. While there I convinced several other teachers to take advantage of a program that the Memphis City Schools was offering. We all took 5 different Methods courses in the Sciences and Geography, and when we were finished, the City Schools installed a High School level Science Lab in our Elementary School.

I left teaching for a while, but went back to Graduate school and renewed my Teaching Certificate. I taught 4th grade Science at Treadwell Elementary School in North Memphis. I was then offered a job teaching 5th grade at a Native American Boarding School in North Dakota. After Christmas they offered for me to be the Gifted/Talented teacher and hands-on Science facilitator for all the Elementary grades.

While I was there, I became STEM certified and got my endorsement for Gifted and Talented.. I also taught Art, so I called my room the STEAM Room. I really believe that STEM and STEAM are crucial for the next generations, so I try to have my Teacher Academy students incorporate STEAM into their teaching experiences. Their co-operating teachers are usually really appreciative, and the students love it. I believe that every child deserves a chance at enrichment; you never know who will show themselves to be Gifted and Talented if they are presented with the opportunity. I earned my STEM endorsement for MS last Summer.


Most assignments will be through Schoology

Attendance will be taken every day.



Students and parents can arrange for a virtual meeting by emailing me.




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Virtual learning will be done through the Google Meet link


If you are absent, log into class every day


FIVE (5) Helpful Internet Hints for Parents: 

1. The hotspot from most phones can be used for internet access.  Please check the impact it will have on your data package.
2. Parents should call the phone or internet carrier in their areas and see if carriers will give them temporary internet access or internet access at a lowered price to allow students to complete their work. 
3. Family members may have internet packages that can be used with permission.  Please check the impact it will have on the data package.
4. Parents and students can use their personal laptops to access assigned school programs if the laptop has internet access.
5. Some community businesses may have free hotspots that allow the public to access their internet at no cost.

Note:  These are only helpful hints.  Please check for any requirements, permissions, or guidelines that must be followed.