The CIP Instructional Materials: 

1) Students will be offered a 1:1 program where they will be given a Chromebook to keep at home. Assignments will be submitted via the Chromebook.

2) Parents who do not want a Chromebook for their child at home will be given a textbook for each subject. Assignments will be uploaded via email or kept in a cumulative folder until the student returns to school.

The CIP Instructional Cycle:

Assignments will be given on Thursdays each week beginning March 26, 2020 and should be completed by the following Thursday.  Teachers will assign grades by the Wednesday after the assignments are due.

The CIP Instructional Components:

1)      Proficiency Component - Students will be required to complete two grade-level computer-based lessons each week for each core subject

2)      Growth Component - Students will be required to complete 3-5 computer-based lessons of intervention support based on their instructional level each week. Intervention assignments will also include fluency activities.

3)      Reading/Comprehension Component - Beginning April 6, 2020, students will be required to read one E-book in a two-week period of time.